Barn conversion tiled roof at East Hendred Oxfordshire

A large job where I applied the felt, battens and tiled the barn roof plus lead work coming in behind the carpenters as they completed their parts of the project. I will always remember this project as it was in extremely cold weather and the work took about  three weeks to complete my part of the contract.

This was a barn conversion for a local builder where a new cut roof was put on and I fitted all the roof tiles. These were a handmade clay tile to keep the authentic look in the surrounding area of East Hendred Oxfordshire. The roof is ready now for all the bonnets to be bedded on using sand & cement.

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Tiled barn conversion at East Hendred Oxfordshire

This is the garage of the barn conversion with three velux lights in the back roof. I made the decision to tile all perimeters, bed verges and ridge tiles while the weather allowed us to then I could just fill in and tile around the windows.

Roof tiling in progress

The roof on this barn conversion is almost complete. The weather was particularly cold when this was done so the mortar work can only be applied above a minimum creation temperature.

Tiled barn conversion at East Hendred Oxfordshire

Just finishing off the mortar work while the weather breaks (briefly).

Tiled barn conversion nearly completed

This image shows the barn roof complete, as you can see the tiles were blended so they had to be mixed at a certain ratio to make the blend look right.  This roof had only bonnet and valley tiles so the battens had to meet all the way round for the bonnets and valleys to marry in with tile levels. It made it harder with the addition of roof light windows too, so this takes some thought and lots of tape measurement work! add in the very cold weather when this project will be very well-remembered.

Barn conversion completed showing the many elevations and the blended roof tiles

Tiled extensions and fitted Velux roof lights at Denchworth Nr Wantage

Felt, batten, tiling, leadwork and sealoflex flat roof. I have already posted about the work carried out in my Flat Roof category and now I can detail and show the tiled roof part of this project.

This is an extension roof with plain clay tiles and three velux roof lights installed. The roof had some intricate detail with various abutments and other roofs meeting together. I started by felting and battening the roof and getting the verge tiles bedded on, with the first ridge on it could all be pointed in neatly and flush. The velux windows were fitted so I could tile and cut around them.

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New extension roof in progress and velum windows being installed

There isn’t much of a run to get into this roof and with so much detail it takes time to get around to each area. The windows had to be installed seperately and cut around before the next one can be completed.

New roof tiles being installed

The other side of the roof has another detail. A lead gulley had to be put in as it went down into the existing house. This required a carpenter to form a timber substrate to which the lead work was formed and fitted. If you look at the verge above the gulley, that runs into the verge of the new roof which required a lead detail too.

New tiled roof and leadwork in progress

The verge tiles and end ridge bedded on with sand & cement and pointed to a neat flush finish.

Tiled roof showing how neat the finished ends are after pointing in with sand and cement.

Views of the finished work before removing the scaffolding, the overall roof work the client was very pleased with and it reached their full expectations of the aim of the extensions in not only creating space but also using available daylight via the Velux roof lights.

Hiqh quality roof tiling view 1

Hiqh quality roof tiling and flat roof work view 2

Hiqh quality roof tiling view 3