Flat roof replaced with the Sealoflex system at Wantage

Replacing a built up felt roof above a kitchen extension using the Sealoflex system.

A small flat roof above the tiles was showing signs of deterioration and with the location and ease of access, it wasn’t practical to cover in the usual felt or lead for security reasons with lead being a commodity that is frequently stolen.

The Sealoflex system was recommended, after completely preparing the site a base primer was applied and the first coat of re-inforced membrane base coat. Once that has cured the main top coat is applied providing a durable waterproof top coat similar in colour to using lead but obviously it can’t stolen.

This gallery will confirm the handwork applied and the Sealoflex system for flat roofs is becoming a popular alternative to using lead. This is a very good product as the life expectancy can be extended by an application of a maintenance coat. It is also cold applied no heat or flame  is required so no risk when being used.

Click images to enlarge for more detail.

New Extension roof at Denchworth, Wantage, Oxfordshire

New Extension roof involving felt, battening, tiling, leadwork and the sealoflex flat roof system. This new flat roof extension is a single ply membrane called Sealoflex, it is a reinforced synthetic rubber. All the joints are taped and then a sealing primer is applied to prevent the liquid from seeping and soaking too much into the boards.

 Hand applying the primer for the Sealoflex flat roof system

Finishing off the sealing primer ensuring the edges are properly coated.

Finishing off the priming ready for the second primer to be applied

A pink base coat is applied with a polyester reinforced membrane put into it then allowed to dry. From this image you can also see the extensive roof work that I was involved with on this project.

Sealoflex base primer re-inforced for strength and durability

A top coat which is UV resistant grey in colour is applied. This is a very good product as the life expectancy can be extended by an application of a maintenance coat. This is also cold applied so no heat or flame  is required. View 1 of the finished roof.

Final application of the sealoflex flat roof system

View 2 of the finished Sealoflex roof system

The completed Sealoflex flat roof system

New tiled roof to extension Nr Goring On Thames

New extension with tiled roof and the use of the Sealoflex flat roof system. The work involved applying the felt, battens, tiling along with all lead work and flat roofing systems. A complex range of tiled roof working in with the flat roof areas. More details shown along with each image.

The client was concerned about having too much lead on show for reasons of theft so I advised them to use a Sealoflex system to put on the top flat roof. This type of roof covering is a reinforced polyester system, very tough and flexible. To extend the life of the flat roof an application of a maintenance coat can be applied. Click the image to enlarge for close-ups 

Sealoflex flat roof system to tiles

This image shows the Sealoflex flat roof finished.

The flat roof finished showing how the Sealoflex system looks

Sealoflex flat roof system view angle 1

View angle 1 of the Sealoflex flat roof finished

Sealoflex flat roof system view angle 2

Flat roof covering using the sealoflex system view angle 2

The extension roof was tiled and cut around the flat roof on the porch. This porch has a Sealoflex single ply membrane applied to it.

Tiled roof cut in to the porch flat roof


Gulley re-lining after thieves steal lead in Wantage town centre

Unfortunately it happens and it has to be dealt with quickly before the weather gets into the supporting structures.

This gulley was lined in lead, it is on someone’s house in Wantage town centre Oxfordshire. The lead was stolen so I was asked by the clients insurance company to find an alternative to replacing the lead. I advised on a Sealoflex system as this adheres to almost any substrate.

I started by removing the bottom three course of tiles to expose the gulley. I cleaned the gulley and found the boards to be in sound condition. I then applied the Sealoflex system onto the boards and up the brick work.

This adheres to brick work extremely well and seals to a finish therefore avoiding lead to use as a cover flashing to stop potential further theft. This is one of the higher end premium products on the market and will last in excess of 20 years if applied correctly. The product life can be extended by routine upgrades which I do offer clients

Lets see if their sticky fingers steal this protection. Click to enlarge the image for more detail.

Using the Sealoflex gully lining system as an alternative to lead work