Blocked gutters, Moss on your roof be prepared for winter in Wantage area.

Have been doing a high number of flat roofs recently with the one piece rubber system more details of this type of replacement roof to follow with images.Very sturdy weatherproof system using the latest quality materials

A sudden influx of roof repairs from a tile replacement  to clearing guttering and De-mossing roofs ready for the coming winter months. Most of the work is local in Wantage and the surrounding villages of Oxfordshire. Remember it is worth getting your roof looked over before the real weather sets in.

Summer time get your roof and gutters winter ready

Summer time is ideal to get your roof and gutters checked ready for the unsettled weather that winter time brings. I provide good seasonal maintenance for all roof, chimnet and guttering issues backed by many years of hands on experience. Take a look at my website galleries of past work and fully satisfied customers with all work guaranteed and carried out to the latest standards.

Wantage, Abingdon area heavy rains blocked gutters

After the heavy rains recently I have had a number of calls in my local areas of Wantage, Abingdon and Didcot  regarding blocked gutters and leaking roof valleys. With the sudden heavy influx of rain, gutters and valleys that are blocked up with moss and debris cannot get the water away quick enough and can build up and overflow into the roof space.

Just cleared a roof valley this morning with that problem as the heavy rain was seeping into the property. With more rain forecast and a very unsettled month of May it’s always good to get gutters and roof area checked over once in a while before it becomes a problem internally.

Ridge tiles, roof repairs and blocked gutters

Lot of ridge tiles loose and dislodged tiles and slates. It’s not just the wind but the lack of cement in the sand too! its common place around here, Grove especially. They might look ok but when up there you’d be surprised how easily the ridges lift off with your finger. If people could see the actual damage that is going on the roof would be like your car in need of servicing every so often, out of sight out of mind at times.

Also looking at lots of flat roofs, with more rain coming and possibly cold weather people should really have theirs looked at and we have some great alternatives to felt with long life expectancy. Lots of gutters still blocked and causing problems with moss and lichen being blown or washed off the roof the deluge soon causes gutter problems..