Roof and chimney renovation East Challow Oxfordshire

This roof in East Challow Nr Wantage was a complete re-roof with all chimneys re-pointed including new lead work all round. The main roof was original and had never been touched,  it had no felt but the slates were in good order considering it was over 100 years old.

The roof consisted of various levels so it took some careful workings to keep from damaging the elevations already done. New vapour control membrane and treated battens were used and all sound slates fixed back with 30mm copper nails. The original ridges were saved and re-used too.

100 plus years old roof in natural slate completely renovated

Part of slate roof stripped, felt and battened. The chimneys were also renovated at the same time and pots replaced were necessary including lead flashings

Roof ready for slates showing the felt and battens

This image shows the slates being put back on. There was very little head lap on the original gauge so I brought this down to the required gauge to prevent water creeping in.

In progress the re-slating of a 100 plus years old roof

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