Re-roofing of out building at Upperton Nr Benson Oxfordshire

The job involved the re-roof of an out building and remedial works to timber plus the gable end wall. This was an outhouse building on a grade II listed cottage and it was in its original form without previous renovations. The existing clay peg tiles & ridges were removed carefully and set aside for re-use
New vapour control membrane was laid on the rafters and replacement treated battens fixed in place at a gauge to suit the tiles. Note the neighbours roof was being done at the same time so i had to match in to their gauge and follow on.

Graded 2 listed outbuilding in need of a re-roof

This image shows the underside of the existing peg tiles and the much smaller battens that were used to support and hold the tiles in place.

Underside of tiled roof on grade II listed building

The other side of the outbuilding roof and showing just how much in need of restoration it had become.

 Outbuilding in need of renovation to the roof and gable end

Part of the roof plate perished from years of water ingress. A new piece of treated timber was spliced in before the tiles were re-fitted

The tiled roof wall plate before it was replaced

The single skin gable end wall became loose when the roof tiles and battens were removed so four wall straps were fixed to the rafters and bolted into the wall to prevent it from collapsing.

Gable end on grade II listed outbuilding before it was renovated.

 I always find work like this type very rewarding especially as the buildings are listed and protected. So renovations with attention to the original details, restoring roofs like these to their former glory are very satisfying for me.

Finished re-roof from the front view

Completed front view of re-roof

Rear view of the finished tiled roof

Tiled re-roof rear view of finished work


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