New porch tiling and lead flashing at Clifton Hampden Oxfordshire

New porch showing the tiling in progress and the installation of the lead flashing for weatherproofing the structure. Work was completed to the clients satisfaction in two days.

ThisĀ image shows theĀ stepped lead flashing into a wall abutment. The lead is cut into sections to allow for expansion & contraction created by the elements. It is marked and cut to suit the angle of the roof and brick mortar lines. The lead is then bent to slot into the mortar line that has been chased out to a 25mm depth. Lead wedges fix it in place and then a lead sealant or mortar mix is filled into the mortar chase.

This method has been the traditional way to prevent the ingress from various weather and gives many years of service in doing that. Click the image to enlarge for more detail of the craftsmanship employed.

Lead flashing being fashioned to weatherproof this new tiled porche

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