Re-felting garage flat roof at East Challow Nr. Wantage

The garage flat roof here has come to the end of its life and I was asked to replace it with a new 3 layer felt roof system.  Click the images to enlarge for more detail.

Renovation of a garage flat roof

This is the garage completed with a torch on mineral felt. I used a high-grade felt with minerals as a top coat. A first layer is laid loosely to allow for movement, a second layer
torched on with a burner going opposite way to first layer then a last third layer with edge details torched on to finish.

Applying a three layer felt system to a garage roof

As you can see the finished roof in a mineral top coat surface. Compared to the original lime stone chippings on the roof shown below, the roof I supplied and installed it’s a lot neater looking and a more durable finish.

Completed 3 layer felt on a flat garage roof

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