New tiled roof to extension Nr Goring On Thames

New extension with tiled roof and the use of the Sealoflex flat roof system. The work involved applying the felt, battens, tiling along with all lead work and flat roofing systems. A complex range of tiled roof working in with the flat roof areas. More details shown along with each image.

The client was concerned about having too much lead on show for reasons of theft so I advised them to use a Sealoflex system to put on the top flat roof. This type of roof covering is a reinforced polyester system, very tough and flexible. To extend the life of the flat roof an application of a maintenance coat can be applied. Click the image to enlarge for close-ups 

Sealoflex flat roof system to tiles

This image shows the Sealoflex flat roof finished.

The flat roof finished showing how the Sealoflex system looks

Sealoflex flat roof system view angle 1

View angle 1 of the Sealoflex flat roof finished

Sealoflex flat roof system view angle 2

Flat roof covering using the sealoflex system view angle 2

The extension roof was tiled and cut around the flat roof on the porch. This porch has a Sealoflex single ply membrane applied to it.

Tiled roof cut in to the porch flat roof


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