New Extension roof at Denchworth, Wantage, Oxfordshire

New Extension roof involving felt, battening, tiling, leadwork and the sealoflex flat roof system. This new flat roof extension is a single ply membrane called Sealoflex, it is a reinforced synthetic rubber. All the joints are taped and then a sealing primer is applied to prevent the liquid from seeping and soaking too much into the boards.

 Hand applying the primer for the Sealoflex flat roof system

Finishing off the sealing primer ensuring the edges are properly coated.

Finishing off the priming ready for the second primer to be applied

A pink base coat is applied with a polyester reinforced membrane put into it then allowed to dry. From this image you can also see the extensive roof work that I was involved with on this project.

Sealoflex base primer re-inforced for strength and durability

A top coat which is UV resistant grey in colour is applied. This is a very good product as the life expectancy can be extended by an application of a maintenance coat. This is also cold applied so no heat or flame  is required. View 1 of the finished roof.

Final application of the sealoflex flat roof system

View 2 of the finished Sealoflex roof system

The completed Sealoflex flat roof system

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