GRP fibre glass applied new flat roof extension Abingdon Oxfordshire

This is an extension being built up through a garage. Steel beams were put in to take the extension and a new formed flat roof was built to cover the steels. I used a GRP product, polyester resin re-inforced with chopped strand fibre glass and woven glass cloth tape. This has to be adhered to OSB3 Sterling board, GRP trims are used for abutments and edgings which are being fixed into place in this picture. Click images to enlarge for more detail

Flat roof with GRP coverings

This image shows the rest of the wall trims being cut and fixed down.

The GRP rainwater system

All trims are fixed in place and ready for next stage which is sealing all joins and edges.

GRP trims in pace ready for the edges to be sealed

Resin is being mixed for use, the polyester resin is activated using a hardener to start the curing. The system has been used in marine applications for many years and is very similar to boat hull constructions, so you could say it has been well-tested against water penetration.

Polyester resin being mixed ready to apply

Jointing tape is cut to length ready to accept the liquid polyester resin

GRP tape in place ready for resin to be applied

Applying resin to penetrate the jointing tape, once the resin hardens you have a very strong reinforced plastic that is also flexible and waterproof.

Applying the GRP resin to the edging tapes

All joins and edges sealed and curing ready for the next part of the application.

GRP resins applied

 Waiting for the applied chopped glass strand re-inforced resin to cure before the next process.

GRP with chopped glass strand being cured

Perimeters painted first in the top coat.

Applying the top finishing GRP coat

Finishing the last of the GRP top coating.

Applying the finished GRP top coat

All top coating finished. A GRP wall trim flashing is to be fixed into the brick mortar joint above the wall trim fillet.

The finished GRP weatherproofing system

This GRP roof drops down to the existing garage flat roof which is made of built up felt. We had to apply a torch on felt system below to finish and seal around the extension coming through the roof.

Flat roof finishing off the weatherproofings

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