Flat roof replaced with the Sealoflex system at Wantage

Replacing a built up felt roof above a kitchen extension using the Sealoflex system.

A small flat roof above the tiles was showing signs of deterioration and with the location and ease of access, it wasn’t practical to cover in the usual felt or lead for security reasons with lead being a commodity that is frequently stolen.

The Sealoflex system was recommended, after completely preparing the site a base primer was applied and the first coat of re-inforced membrane base coat. Once that has cured the main top coat is applied providing a durable waterproof top coat similar in colour to using lead but obviously it can’t stolen.

This gallery will confirm the handwork applied and the Sealoflex system for flat roofs is becoming a popular alternative to using lead. This is a very good product as the life expectancy can be extended by an application of a maintenance coat. It is also cold applied no heat or flame  is required so no risk when being used.

Click images to enlarge for more detail.

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