Vertical tile fascia renovations and re-fitting at Wantage

Vertical tiling Job Description: Removing existing vertical tiles from North & South end elevations. Repair and treat perished timbers, insulate between timbers, felt and batten and put new clay tiles back. The timber barge boards also needed replacing as you can see from images.

When i first left school this was first ever roofing job i did with a local roofing company to the roof on which I have replaced the vertical tiling (they never had the vertical tiling done). I remember helping the carpenter way back then in 1990 to put up these barge boards. We have replaced these with a high grade heavy pine timber, which is a better quality timber giving it more longevity needed especially on the south end roof. The barge boards would have lasted if the owners had them decorated a little more often. Matching the existing in every detail and seeing it back in place is a very satisfying part of my work.

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