Repairs to the chimney fabrics at The Ark, Wantage Oxfordshire

Weather and use of this chimney had resulted in the general construction and fabrics needed repair and replacement to restore it to a safe working structure. With the heat developed in chimneys and the rapid cooling from the various extremes of weather it is self evident from these images of the damage that can be sustained.

The work involved carefully removing the damaged brickwork and replacement plus re-pointing of the brickwork to prevent further weather ingress, frost damage and general deterioration of the fabric.

New leadwork was also added to stop water access that was also damaging the internal structures around the base of the chimney. One of my specialist fields I offer clients is full chimney inspections and the repair and replacement of weatherproofings, chimney flaunches, pot replacements and fitting of bird guards.

The importance of the upkeep of your chimney is highlighted here in the damage the weather will do to the structure, so to prevent this and keep you safe in knowing your chimney is safe to use take advantage of my chimney and roof inspection services

These pictures will confirm the damage sustained by th elements to this chimney, click to enlarge the images.

Image of this chimney shows the brickwork replacement and the mortar joints raked out ready to repoint

Repair and replacement of damaged brickwork at base of this chimney

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