Blocked gutters, Moss on your roof be prepared for winter in Wantage area.

Have been doing a high number of flat roofs recently with the one piece rubber system more details of this type of replacement roof to follow with images.Very sturdy weatherproof system using the latest quality materials

A sudden influx of roof repairs from a tile replacement  to clearing guttering and De-mossing roofs ready for the coming winter months. Most of the work is local in Wantage and the surrounding villages of Oxfordshire. Remember it is worth getting your roof looked over before the real weather sets in.

High winds in the Thames Valley roof damage

With the high winds currently being experienced in the Thames Valley and Wantage area it is worth getting your roof checked for damaged tiles or slates. Wind can dislodge roofing in places that can’t be seen and rain water will soon get in causing even more damage.

Worth booking an inspection and fast repair to reduce more costly work later on.

Metal flat roof replacement and re-pointing work Grove Oxfordshire

Two garage flat roofs with the old profile sheets being replaced with a new metal roof box section system. When the existing sheets were carefully removed and disposed of, some of the brick work structure around the timber joists were loose

The brickwork was rebuilt and the weatherproofing of the main brick walls was required by raking back joints and re-pointing. New edge trims were added so the garage underwent a complete overhaul that will keep it weatherproof for many years to come.

Flat roof using Marley SBS Torch On felt system to small extension

This outbuilding located in Portsmouth was extended to make room for a shower and toilet. I was required to put a three layer built up flat roof system on here using traditional and modern methods and the proven Marley SBS torch on product. The roof required boarding with marine grade materials and the necessary battens and weathering profiles, all safety requirements were employed when the final layers were applied and heat used to adhere the coverings to create it’s weatherproof properties . Some detail was also needed to make water tight on the neighbours property and making good where the roof was extended.

Here are the images taken to show the quality of my workmanship from boarding out to the finished flat roof. Click the thumb to enlarge and ESC or click away to close.

Roofing repairs and the very high winds of 2012

First off a very happy and prosperous new year to all my clients. The year has started off very busy for me with the weather we are having and the high winds are keeping me very active replacing tiles and slates that have been damaged or misplaced.

High winds can move tiles or slates on your roof and you may not even notice there could be a problem until you see the water getting in from the rainfall that is going with this bad weather. Have your roof checked as soon as possible and your gutters cleaned from all the debris, leaves and roof moss that may block them. I offer a full service so give me a call and I will fit you in as soon as possible.

Gulley re-lining after thieves steal lead in Wantage town centre

Unfortunately it happens and it has to be dealt with quickly before the weather gets into the supporting structures.

This gulley was lined in lead, it is on someone’s house in Wantage town centre Oxfordshire. The lead was stolen so I was asked by the clients insurance company to find an alternative to replacing the lead. I advised on a Sealoflex system as this adheres to almost any substrate.

I started by removing the bottom three course of tiles to expose the gulley. I cleaned the gulley and found the boards to be in sound condition. I then applied the Sealoflex system onto the boards and up the brick work.

This adheres to brick work extremely well and seals to a finish therefore avoiding lead to use as a cover flashing to stop potential further theft. This is one of the higher end premium products on the market and will last in excess of 20 years if applied correctly. The product life can be extended by routine upgrades which I do offer clients

Lets see if their sticky fingers steal this protection. Click to enlarge the image for more detail.

Using the Sealoflex gully lining system as an alternative to lead work

Rainwater gully re-line with Sealoflex at Wantage Oxfordshire

The gully was in tact and performing the weatherproofing functions it was designed for. It was however at a stage that maintenance was required and upgrades to the weatherproofing materials used. Sealoflex with fibres added was the chosen product and has a 10 year life, to extend its working protection it’s recommended that it’s re-applied 2 years prior to its expected retirement date.

The products I choose are selected for their durability and most importantly they do the job first time and give my clients long-term value for their money invested. Weatherproofing of roofs is most important on any property to stop the ingress of weather and start the rot that occurs in places that many never see until it’s too late.

As part of the on going maintenance plans I offer all the known areas of where the rot will start or weather protections start to fail are checked periodically and especially after hard cold and wet weather. Just contact me if you would like costings on inspections that could save you large expense and disruption before it happens.

Click the image to enlarge for more details

The rainwater gulley ready for planned maintenance upgrades