Chimney work completed at Grove Street Wantage Oxfordshire

This chimney needed re-pointing and the cement fillet around the base of the chimney to be removed and new lead put in place. The cement fillet  moves and cracks over time causing water ingress.

Location: Grove St, Wantage

Job Description: Part of a chimney repair/re-point job. Cement fillet had to be removed and lead put in it’s place. About 4 days work to complete chimney.

Images of the completed work on the refurbishment and repair of this aged chimney
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Roof and chimney renovation East Challow Oxfordshire

This roof in East Challow Nr Wantage was a complete re-roof with all chimneys re-pointed including new lead work all round. The main roof was original and had never been touched,  it had no felt but the slates were in good order considering it was over 100 years old.

The roof consisted of various levels so it took some careful workings to keep from damaging the elevations already done. New vapour control membrane and treated battens were used and all sound slates fixed back with 30mm copper nails. The original ridges were saved and re-used too.

100 plus years old roof in natural slate completely renovated

Part of slate roof stripped, felt and battened. The chimneys were also renovated at the same time and pots replaced were necessary including lead flashings

Roof ready for slates showing the felt and battens

This image shows the slates being put back on. There was very little head lap on the original gauge so I brought this down to the required gauge to prevent water creeping in.

In progress the re-slating of a 100 plus years old roof

Hand dressed lead work to chimney at East Challow Nr Wantage Oxfordshire

On this complete re-roofing project at various stages it’s necessary to complete the leadwork required under the building codes of practice to weatherproof and protect the fabrics of the roof. Approximately 1 day to complete the hand work to create this back gutter to the existing chimney.

This image shows the new lead back gutter installed and ready to finish slating around the chimney. This piece of lead was measured and cut to suit the angle and fall of roof then welded so it could slot into place. This is a highly skilled  process and if not done correctly it will put more stress on the lead, it will not be thinned by beating and bossing in the wrong places therefore lasting for many years. A separate cover flashing is installed over the back and into the brick mortar. Click the image to enlarge and view the craftsmanship employed in more detail.

Back gutter to chimney hand crafted in lead

Repairs to the chimney fabrics at The Ark, Wantage Oxfordshire

Weather and use of this chimney had resulted in the general construction and fabrics needed repair and replacement to restore it to a safe working structure. With the heat developed in chimneys and the rapid cooling from the various extremes of weather it is self evident from these images of the damage that can be sustained.

The work involved carefully removing the damaged brickwork and replacement plus re-pointing of the brickwork to prevent further weather ingress, frost damage and general deterioration of the fabric.

New leadwork was also added to stop water access that was also damaging the internal structures around the base of the chimney. One of my specialist fields I offer clients is full chimney inspections and the repair and replacement of weatherproofings, chimney flaunches, pot replacements and fitting of bird guards.

The importance of the upkeep of your chimney is highlighted here in the damage the weather will do to the structure, so to prevent this and keep you safe in knowing your chimney is safe to use take advantage of my chimney and roof inspection services

These pictures will confirm the damage sustained by th elements to this chimney, click to enlarge the images.

Image of this chimney shows the brickwork replacement and the mortar joints raked out ready to repoint

Repair and replacement of damaged brickwork at base of this chimney

Chimney repair and restoration Wantage Oxfordshire

Here is an example of the damage that can be created by the elements in the life of a chimney construction. The cement weatherings at the base of the chimney has shrunk and cracked so it is in desperate need of replacement. Using traditional lead work to restore the weatherproofing qualities required with this material providing a more durable option to the old cement rendering techniques..

The weather had also taken its toll on the cement joints of the brickwork and required raking back and re-pointing. The full restoration was completed in approx 4 days. Chimneys are often neglected and I specialise in the repair and restoration of that part of the building. It is important to have your chimney properly inspected and checked not only to stop deterioration of the fabrics but also for your own safety in knowing that it is working correctly.

Image example of the work that was required to restore this chimney, click image to enlarge.

Repair and restoration of the chimney fabrics and weatherproofing