Wantage, Abingdon area heavy rains blocked gutters

After the heavy rains recently I have had a number of calls in my local areas of Wantage, Abingdon and Didcot  regarding blocked gutters and leaking roof valleys. With the sudden heavy influx of rain, gutters and valleys that are blocked up with moss and debris cannot get the water away quick enough and can build up and overflow into the roof space.

Just cleared a roof valley this morning with that problem as the heavy rain was seeping into the property. With more rain forecast and a very unsettled month of May it’s always good to get gutters and roof area checked over once in a while before it becomes a problem internally.

Highly recommended for fast and efficient service

More from my satisfied customers and it’s always good to get personal recommendations for a job well done. The importance of looking after what is out of site out of mind has been stressed many times before and this job confirmed an early repair to the flat roof long term could have saved lots of cash outlay in repairing other damaged roofing materials.

Scott Bader Crystic Roof – insitu cold applied GRP roof system

Having now completed the Scott Bader approved installers course for their Crystic Roofing products I can now show you the full story of what is a very durable roofing system as an alternative and one I highly recommend over conventional roof coverings for flat roofs and many other types of roofing structures both domestic and industrial.

The video is the full story about the product and the company and you can watch all or just play the first few minutes to see exactly how good this system is and why it’s so durable. Also take into account they have made boats from this principle for years and if it doesn’t work then they let in water and sink !

I am happy to give estimates for any work you require so once you have seen the video and looked at the product use my contact details to discuss your requirements.

What the Company says about their product:

CrysticROOF: Outstanding performance across all roofing structure

CrysticROOF is an in-situ, cold-applied, glass-reinforced polyester roofing system which provides a powerful, leak-free, long-lasting alternative to traditional roofing materials, such as bitumen, felt and lead.

CrysticROOF provides a high performance solution for all roof structures, including flat, valley and pitched – and for all shapes, including walkways, roof-lights and balconies.

CrysticROOF eliminates the need for heating equipment and, when applied correctly, remains watertight and maintenance-free for many years CrysticROOF is manufactured by Scott Bader Company Ltd – a company with over 60 years’ experience in polyester chemistry. Scott Bader Company Ltd has an excellent reputation for manufacturing high quality materials backed by unrivalled technical expertise and customer support.

Metal flat roof replacement and re-pointing work Grove Oxfordshire

Two garage flat roofs with the old profile sheets being replaced with a new metal roof box section system. When the existing sheets were carefully removed and disposed of, some of the brick work structure around the timber joists were loose

The brickwork was rebuilt and the weatherproofing of the main brick walls was required by raking back joints and re-pointing. New edge trims were added so the garage underwent a complete overhaul that will keep it weatherproof for many years to come.

Chimney work completed at Grove Street Wantage Oxfordshire

This chimney needed re-pointing and the cement fillet around the base of the chimney to be removed and new lead put in place. The cement fillet  moves and cracks over time causing water ingress.

Location: Grove St, Wantage

Job Description: Part of a chimney repair/re-point job. Cement fillet had to be removed and lead put in it’s place. About 4 days work to complete chimney.

Images of the completed work on the refurbishment and repair of this aged chimney
Previous work listed here:


Testimonials new category of what my clients say about us.

This is a new section I have started on my blog / showcase and in my opinion there is nothing better than to receive a written testimonial to my workmanship and the professional way I satisfy my clients requirements. I will publish all testimonials that I receive with permission of my clients.

Click the thumb to enlarge and read what they say, Esc or click away to close image.

Flat roof using Marley SBS Torch On felt system to small extension

This outbuilding located in Portsmouth was extended to make room for a shower and toilet. I was required to put a three layer built up flat roof system on here using traditional and modern methods and the proven Marley SBS torch on product. The roof required boarding with marine grade materials and the necessary battens and weathering profiles, all safety requirements were employed when the final layers were applied and heat used to adhere the coverings to create it’s weatherproof properties . Some detail was also needed to make water tight on the neighbours property and making good where the roof was extended.

Here are the images taken to show the quality of my workmanship from boarding out to the finished flat roof. Click the thumb to enlarge and ESC or click away to close.

Vertical tiles on grade II listed farmhouse being renovated

Have been working on a Farmhouse which is at least 100 years old, I am replacing the vertical tiles which have been slipping for many years. The timber structure behind the tiles needed some minor repairs when exposed. I had to put in new plywood soffit boards for the tiles to fit into and keep everything tight and neat.

On closer inspection the timber barge boards had perished in places so these needed to be taken down and replaced like for like being a grade II listed building. Too much neglect on the barge boards had resulted in more work to get it back in good order, especially as it is a decorative barge board. This is an ongoing work in progress and images will be available very soon.