Wantage, Abingdon area heavy rains blocked gutters

After the heavy rains recently I have had a number of calls in my local areas of Wantage, Abingdon and Didcot  regarding blocked gutters and leaking roof valleys. With the sudden heavy influx of rain, gutters and valleys that are blocked up with moss and debris cannot get the water away quick enough and can build up and overflow into the roof space.

Just cleared a roof valley this morning with that problem as the heavy rain was seeping into the property. With more rain forecast and a very unsettled month of May it’s always good to get gutters and roof area checked over once in a while before it becomes a problem internally.

Highly recommended for fast and efficient service

More from my satisfied customers and it’s always good to get personal recommendations for a job well done. The importance of looking after what is out of site out of mind has been stressed many times before and this job confirmed an early repair to the flat roof long term could have saved lots of cash outlay in repairing other damaged roofing materials.